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What’s in your fridge?

I can tell when I’ve lost my grip on life when I look in the fridge and find it full of things that are no longer fit to eat.  You know the kind of thing – lots of helpful plastic pots with leftovers in, well intentioned but now growing an interesting variety of mould.  (Why continue reading »

Small boat on a big river

I meant to say, before I too hastily posted the last blog post, that Beaulieu boat jumble was about more than ‘stuff’, it was about people too.  I was introduced to Giacomo de Stefano, a quietly spoken Italian with a small boat and a mission to sail and row across Europe to the Black Sea. continue reading »

Bargains at Beaulieu

It’s that time of year again.  Not for the garden, which in our household is ignored for a year and then in a fit of guilt attacked with a chain saw. For those  of us addicted to all things nautical, spring is boat jumble season. Anyone who thinks that sailing is posh should be forced continue reading »

Books, boats and plastic bags

Now I feel silly. Burbling on in my last blog post about how much I was looking forward to some fizz at my book launch and actually there wasn’t any. Steen (RYA publishing whizz) must have seen the look on my face when he said there would be no bubbly, as he very reasonably pointed continue reading »

Books and boats

I wonder how and when fizzy wine became associated with celebration.  I always have a bottle in the fridge, just in case (Tesco’s Cava, special offer), and if nothing exciting happens during the year, it gets poured at Christmas breakfast.  But launch parties are the best.  Boats or books, a new one is always worth continue reading »