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Books, Baldrick and banter

My favourite Blackadder episode is the one where Samuel Johnson tries to get royal patronage for the first English Dictionary.  When told that the book has taken Dr Johnson ten years Prince George replies, “Yes, well, I’m a slow reader myself.”  Those of you familiar with the rest of the episode will understand why in continue reading »

Endings, beginnings and the messy bit in the middle

I used to imagine that finishing a book meant typing the final full stop, leaning back in the chair with a sigh of satisfaction, walking to the post box with a large envelope and a spring in your step, pouring oneself a congratulatory drink then nipping out to buy something tasty to wear for the launch party.    Hmmm, not quite.  Well, not continue reading »

We are what we repeatedly do….

There’s good timing and there’s bad timing.  Recently back from the ten day marathon that is the Southampton Boat Show, good timing is when you walk onto a stand just as champagne is being popped and all the people you need to meet are there and free to talk.  Bad timing is when, after a continue reading »

Impossible is a state of mind….

Southampton boat show is over – yes, it was exhausting, but that was balanced by the pleasure of seeing so many familiar faces and meeting plenty of new people.  Thanks especially to the staff of Kelvin Hughes, stockists of every book about the sea that ever was or is…. great books and great company.  I’m just continue reading »