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Wobbling on water

Everything wobbles when you stand on a windsurfer for the first time.  The board wobbles, the sail wobbles, the water wobbles and so I wobbled. Balancing on a plastic plank is a novel sensation to someone more used to being on the water in hefty wooden boats.  By the third lesson I was getting the continue reading »

A bad day for Columbus

Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, was pretty impressive.  He had tenacity, the gift of the gab, the ability to lead, and an unshakeable belief that Asia lay on the other side of the Atlantic.  It wasn’t his fault that there was a large continent and an even larger ocean in the way; Columbus was quite continue reading »

Illustrator without portfolio

Normal people decide they want to do for a living.  They then go and find out how to do it, do some training, go for interviews or pitch for work, and then spend their productive years putting it all into practice.  And, ideally, getting paid for it.  It’s entirely logical, but I’ve never quite managed continue reading »

Confessions of an art cheat

I was at the County Show in the rain last week.  Not through choice; I wandered round the show with the same bemused look on my face that a farmer might have if he stumbled into a boat show.  There were children on ponies, large bulls being led round a field accompanied by men with continue reading »

Alchemy and imperfection

Artistic people have the knack of making ordinary things beautiful.  Last week I went to a concert in Goodwick, at a church overlooking the bay.  It was an overcast evening, grey light on a grey sea and the breakwater cutting across the centre of the bay.  There was half an hour before the concert started and continue reading »