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Listing slightly….

If I was being professionally employed to run my life, I think I would have had the sack by now.  My days are littered with ideas unexplored, paperwork unfinished, friends neglected, emails unwritten, exercise not taken, songs, paintings, stories and articles half finished, empty sketch book pages, unmaintained boats and reproachful bank account. Is it continue reading »

Ink blots and bowsprits

The party’s over and I’m back ashore, writing lists. Even my lists have got lists…. admin, invoices, replying to emails, catching up in the studio/gallery, wondering where I’m going to live this winter . You know the kind of thing – all the life ‘stuff’ that you leave behind when you go gadding around and continue reading »

The Lion, the Wrecks and a Coffee House

I’m back afloat again after a busy two weeks back in the studio clearing the decks and catching up with work – including the cover design for Julia Jones’ exciting new book ‘The Lion of Sole Bay’, out in October: Then it was time to pack up my sketch book and rejoin Witch for the continue reading »

Maritime mayhem and muddy shores

I’m writing this on board ‘Ellen’ anchored on the River Deben in Suffolk, just off a pretty wooded beach called the Rocks. Terns are swooping close by, their calls shrill but kinder on the ear than the boat’s anchor alarm, which goes off regularly enough to stop me getting complacent about the holding quality of continue reading »

If in doubt, add cushions

Sailing involves many skills, some obvious, some less so. Even landlubbers will know that being around boats involves some or all of the following: – pulling on ropes –  getting from A to B without going aground at C –  steering a straight course for hours on end clutching a mug of lukewarm tea, being continue reading »