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Confessions of an art cheat

I was at the County Show in the rain last week.  Not through choice; I wandered round the show with the same bemused look on my face that a farmer might have if he stumbled into a boat show.  There were children on ponies, large bulls being led round a field accompanied by men with continue reading »

Watching paint dry

If you’re not into watercolours I recommend a click of the mouse now before your eyes glaze over.  For those who find sketching outdoors strangely exciting and challenging, here’s another of my colour mixing rants.  It was the last day of term today for my art classes, and it’s become a tradition to escape the classroom and spend continue reading »

Butterfly brain

Whilst I complain about the complexity of life and how many directions it pulls, I do have the kind of brain that thrives on working on several projects at once.  Some might say I have the attention span of a three year old, but this is a useful asset when working in watercolour as it continue reading »

Fun in unexpected places….

Spending a day in a sea scout hut in Milford Haven may not sound like a bundle of joy, but take a roomful of lively U3A students and one watercolour tutor on a mission (me) and a great time was had by all.  Well, I enjoyed it anyway (and got paid for it!).  It was continue reading »

Amazing things, primary colours….

Getting ready today to do a watercolour workshop to U3A in Milford Haven tomorrow, choosing subjects that will hopefully be useful to a group containing both experienced and beginner painters.  I decided that colour theory should definitely be on the list – it may sound a bit dull but I never fail to be excited continue reading »