Welcome to my website. I spend most of my life drawing, or painting, or writing, or teaching other people to paint and draw. I have a particular obsession with boats and the sea, so you’ll see my work in books and sailing magazines, as well as on the walls of my studio in Suffolk. Home is an elderly tug boat up a creek and I blog occasionally about life afloat, sailing, drawing and anything else.


I’ve teamed up with Art Safari (www.artsafari.co.uk) to run art events on zoom and we’ve got some great workshops lined up – full details on my ‘Tuition’ page. I’m also doing regular free taster watercolour workshops in my studio, so get in touch if you’d like to join me on screen for a bit of colourful fun.

Next free taster session is Thursday 20th May at 6pm

Sketching the Seis’

This one is a bit special as I’m teaming up with Falklands Conservation to spend an hour encouraging everyone to take a closer look at and sketch the rare and rather lovely Sei Whale. More details soon but to whet your appetite have a look at the FC website where there is some information and fabulous video footage of these graceful and huge creatures.


Get in touch via the contact page if you’d like the link, it would be good to see you! If you’ve been to one of my zoom sessions before you’re already on the list, but get in touch the day before if the email hasn’t arrived.

My studio is open to visitors again, hoorah, but do call or email first to make sure I’m here (01394 549247).

Find me on facebook (Claudia Myatt Illustration and Learn to Sketch with Claudia Myatt) to keep in touch and up to date with what’s on the drawing board. Thanks for your continued encouragement and support!

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