Welcome to my website. I spend most of my life drawing, or painting, or writing, or teaching other people to paint and draw. I have a particular obsession with boats and the sea, so you’ll see my work in books and sailing magazines, as well as on the walls of my studio in Suffolk. Home is an elderly tug boat up a creek and I blog occasionally about life afloat, sailing, drawing and anything else.

I illustrate regularly for yachting magazines including Classic Boat ad Marine Quarterly…

…. and if you’re a reader of Practical Boat Owner you’ll see my cartoon every month alongside Dave Selby’s column ‘Mad about the boat’. ..

My studio is a converted stable near Martlesham Creek on the lovely River Deben. Do get in touch or come and visit if you’re interested in having art lessons, shopping for unusual gifts, commissioning work or talking about art and boats.  (but phone first to make sure I’m there) 01394 549247.

Claudia's Blog

Ice floes, forget-me-nots and the ghosts of Sutton Hoo

Most of the year people often say to me ‘Oh I wish I lived on a boat’ (to which the answer is usually ‘no you don’t, not really, or you would do’). In the winter months no-one says it. Durin ... read more