Welcome to my website. I spend most of my life drawing, or painting, or writing, or teaching other people to paint and draw. I have a particular obsession with boats and the sea, so you’ll see my work in books and sailing magazines, as well as on the walls of my studio in Suffolk. Home is an elderly tug boat up a creek and I blog occasionally about life afloat, sailing, drawing and anything else.

Latest News

My biggest lockdown challenge was completing my book on how to draw – and it’s nearly done! It will be in print by the end of July, and available online or from my studio. Thanks to all of who who read my sample chapters and gave me useful feedback.

My studio is open to visitors by appointment – get in touch if you’d like to call in and browse.

New designs brewing!

Claudia's Blog

The voyage within

Starting things is much easier than finishing them. At the beginning of lockdown I made a decision to finish some of the projects I’d begun….but then, like a child who tips the whole toy box upsi ... read more