These are my books so far.  If you want to buy any, contact me and I’ll post them to you (I can send you a paypal invoice or you can pay by direct transfer). The RYA shop has all my RYA Go Sailing books plus the Log book for Children (if you’re an RYA member you’ll get a discount on all books).

Sketch Book

Whether you sail or whether you don’t, drawing is good for you – it’s relaxing and makes you look at the world afresh, whether you’re good at it or not!  If you love the idea of drawing what you see but are not quite sure where to start, this sketch book comes with plenty of helpful instructions for the aspiring artist on front and back cover.  Inside are 40 lovely empty pages of nice white paper for you to fill…

Publisher:  Starfish Books


and here’s the back cover…

RYA Go Green (foreword by Ben Ainslie)

This book is for everyone, not just for sailors. It’s all about water – starting with the history of the planet and ending up with the water from your tap. Marine conservation, wildlife, rockpools, crabbing, how to get electricity from water, the weirdest creatures that live in the ocean, and plenty more besides…. writing this book made me think about water and the sea in an entirely new way, and I hope you will too.   There is a lovely and very comprehensive review on

Full colour, 104 pages.

Publisher:  Royal Yachting Association.


RYA Go Sailing  (Foreword by Dame Ellen MacArthur)

A colourful cartoon-style guide to sailing small boats. First published in 2005 and now into its third reprint.  Designed for 7-12 year olds, but beginner adults are finding it useful too!  Contains the basic RYA syllabus with as many jokes and useful tips as I could fit in.  Full colour, 80 pages A4 paperback.

Publisher: Royal Yachting Association.



RYA Go Sailing Activity Book

Companion to RYA Go Sailing, full of puzzles, games and quizzes to keep young sailors busy on shore.

Full colour, 36 pages A4 paperback.

Publisher: Royal Yachting Association.



RYA Go Cruising (Foreword by Tom Cunliffe)

This one is for youngsters learning to crew on sail and motor cruisers.  Competent crew level with lots of extra bits!  Great for cruising families.

Full colour, 112 pages A4 paperback.

Publisher: Royal Yachting Association.


RYA Go Cruising Activity Book

Companion to Go Cruising, full of puzzles, games and things to do from knot tying projects to cooking ships’ biscuits.  Ideal for long trips and galebound harbours.

Full colour, 80 pages A4 paperback.

Publisher: Royal Yachting Association.



RYA Go Inland (Foreword by David Suchet)

A youngster’s guide to canal and river boating, including boat handling, locks, safety, canal history, wildlife and things to do.

Full colour, 80 pages A4 paperback.

Publisher: Royal Yachting Association.



Buttercup’s Diary

Cartoons and anecdotes from a disgruntled dinghy and her incompetent skipper.

A5 paperback, 48 pages.

Publisher, Starfish Books.



Log Book for Children (Foreword by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston)

A cruising log for youngsters with an illustrated guide to navigation.  It was first produced in 2004, inspired by my son James when he was 11 to stop him getting bored on long passages and help to feel he was contributing to the chartwork.  The book is now in its second edition, expanded and improved with the thumbs up from the cruising experts at the RYA.

Spiral bound, A4 paperback, single colour, 64 pages.

Publisher:  Starfish Books.