For all children (or grown up children) who like colouring in, here are a few A4 sized activity sheets and colouring posters I’ve produced for various projects.  Feel free to enjoy (but no going over the edges)!

Classic Sail

Coastline Code

This was done for the Wildlife Trusts Children’s website Wildlife Watch, so if you hop over to there are plenty of other wildlife related posters and downloads.

A whale of a wordsearch

Here’s another one for the Wildlife Trusts…… for those who like a wordsearch with your colouring in!

Small ships and tall ships of the Welsh coast

Here’s one all about boats.  I put this together for a teaching resource book ‘Paddle your own Canoe’ by Chris Stephens, published by the WJEC, and it comes in useful whenever I’m doing something about Welsh maritime history!

Tenby lugger

There’s a revival of interest in this traditional Tenby fishing boat.  A new one is being built at MITEC in Milford Haven thanks to the excellent Rising Tide project, and the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society ( are raising funds to restore the last surviving example of its type.  We look forward to seeing them both on the water!

Boats on a lake

Just for colouring in, just for fun…