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The Strong Winds Series by Julia Jones

Published by Golden Duck Publishing
Illustrated by Claudia Myatt

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NEW - Antarctic Sketchbook

“There's nothing quite like the thrill of drawing on location, especially when the location is the world's most important wilderness and my sketchbook is balanced on the bow of a Royal Navy icebreaker as it shoves ice-floes aside and heads for a narrow pass between walls of ice.”

I was appointed Artist in Residence for Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute in 2020. As a guest of the Royal Navy on board icebreaker HMS Protector I sketched life on board ship on a voyage that took me from the Falklands to South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands and the Antarctic. Every page is reproduced here, telling the story of a voyage that followed in the footsteps of explorers, whalers, scientists and adventurers.

A4 paperback
138 pages
Published by Golden Duck

£17.99 (including postage)

Anglo Saxon Inspirations

Patterns and designs to colour and create - colouring book

A treat for everyone who loves patterns. The treasures of Sutton Hoo and other finds have shown us how incredibly skilled the Anglo-Saxons were with their beautiful intricate designs. Living on the opposite bank of the river to Sutton Hoo, and round the corner from the place where a full size replica of the burial ship is being built, I've had the chance to study some of the patterns and work out how to draw them.

This book is the result; it's part colouring book and part step by step instructions on how to create some Anglo-Saxon designs for yourself. Suitable for all ages.

A4, 20 pages

£6.50 including p&p for one
£11.50 for two

Sketchbook Sailor

I took no camera on my two month sailing trip last year but came back with two full sketchbooks and a story to tell. From Galapagos to Easter Island and round Cape Horn to the Falkland on board Dutch sailing ship 'Tecla', we experienced the beauty and power of the Pacific and Southern Ocean.

Every day I filled a page or two of my sketchbook journal and all the pages are here, reflecting the challenges and joys of painting at sea.

Published by Golden Duck, A5, full colour, 180 pages, £17.50 including post and packing.

£17.50 (including postage)

ONE LINE AT A TIME: Why drawing is good for you and how to do it

If you'd tried to draw and got stuck, or if you've always wanted to learn but think that drawing is only something that 'artists' do, then this is for you.

All the basic techniques that I teach in my workshops are here, along with plenty of encouragement and reasons to keep going.

Above all, drawing is a natural, enjoyable, human thing to do and this book will help you make it part of your life.

“Claudia Myatt's 'One Line at a Time' takes a refreshing look at building confidence with drawing, showing that it's a skill that can be learnt by anyone”
Leisure Painter Magazine

100 pages. Full colour. Published by Golden Duck Publishing.

£14.99 (including postage)

Suffolk Coast Colouring Book

If you like the designs on my cards, have a go at colouring them yourself.

I've collected my nine Suffolk harbour scenes into one book to remind you of summer days on this beautiful stretch of coastline.

20 pages, 20cm x 20cm

Go Sailing

A colourful cartoon-style guide to sailing small boats. First published in 2005 and now into its third reprint. Designed for 7-12 year olds, but beginner adults are finding it useful too! Contains the basic RYA syllabus with as many jokes and useful tips as I could fit in.

Full colour, 80 pages A4 paperback. Published by the Royal Yachting Association.

£12.99 (including postage)

Go Cruising

This one is for youngsters learning to crew on sail and motor cruisers. Competent crew level with lots of extra bits! Great for cruising families.

Full colour, 112 pages A4 paperback. Published by the Royal Yachting Association.

£8.99 (including postage)

Go Green

This book is for everyone, not just for sailors. It’s all about water – starting with the history of the planet and ending up with the water from your tap. Marine conservation, wildlife, rockpools, crabbing, how to get electricity from water, the weirdest creatures that live in the ocean, and plenty more besides…. writing this book made me think about water and the sea in an entirely new way, and I hope you will too. There is a lovely and very comprehensive review on

Full colour, 104 pages. Published by the Royal Yachting Association.

£8.99 (including postage)

Go Inland

A youngster’s guide to canal and river boating, including boat handling, locks, safety, canal history, wildlife and things to do.

Full colour, 80 pages A4 paperback. Published by the Royal Yachting Association.

£8.99 (including postage)

Log Book For Children

A cruising log for youngsters with an illustrated guide to navigation. It was first produced in 2004, inspired by my son James when he was 11 to stop him getting bored on long passages and help to feel he was contributing to the chartwork. The book is now in its second edition, expanded and improved with the thumbs up from the cruising experts at the RYA.

Spiral bound, A4 paperback, single colour, 64 pages. Published by Starfish Books.

£12.99 (including postage)