Back to the drawing board….

We’ve finally had confirmation that we have a stand at the Southampton Boat Show – which means I need to pick up a paintbrush, remember which end to use, and create loads of new ‘stuff’.  First on the drawing board is next year’s year planner (yes, I know it’s only April but it’s on the list).   I’m going to stick to the A2 size but change the format, treating each month as a separate panel with its own painting which can be cut out and framed up when the year is over.  Here’s a taster…










It’s a challenge fitting seascapes into this shape.  Here’s another one….










Well, it beats having a proper job…… and I haven’t forgotten my plan to write a book of sea stories.  I’m currently reading Robin Knox-Johnston’s fascinating account of sailing across the Atlantic retracing Columbus’ route and navigation methods.   By the time Columbus made landfall on San Salvador his sailors had been getting so mutinous that he had promised them to turn back if land wasn’t sighted within three days.  If the Caribbean islands hadn’t luckily been in the exact place where he expected China to be, he’d have been tipped over the side and fed to the sharks rather than ending up in the history books!

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  1. Jacqui says:

    00:20hrs and I’m just back from a mid production meal and reluctant to go straight to bed, so had a look in on your blog. Congratulations on getting your Boat Show stand.

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