Beale Appeal

minimalist boating
minimalist boating

Busy in the studio this week getting everything together for the delightful Beale Park Boat Show.  Set by a lake near Pangbourne, the show is the best way to mix business and pleasure, meeting up with other exhibitors and friends, sharing a glass or two over a barbecue in the evening, and sailing an assortment of lovely small boats on the lake.  My coracle is taken down from its home on top of the chest of drawers in the bedroom and will have its first outing of the year on the lake.  Oh, and I’ll be selling all my bits and pieces as well…… come and say hello if you’re there.  Fellow marine artist Nicola Dixon will be coming over from the Isle of Man for the first time in several years, so I’ll be making space on my stand for some of her cards and paintings.  All we need now is good weather, though the forecast is looking a little damp……

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