Call of the wild….


Meanwhile, back at the drawing board it’s time to design some more cards – cartoon ones were particularly popular at the boat show, so after plenty of cups of tea and pencil chewing I’ve come up with a few scribbles – like this one:


call of the wild
call of the wild
If you can’t read the caption it says ‘We’ll have to move, I can’t get a signal’.   
I’ve tried posting another one but the computer doesn’t want to play… will try again another time.   The next batch of cards will be ready in a month or so – keep an eye on the starfishbooks website (which is still being updated after the boat show so bear with us.  Perry has his laptop on his knee and cursing occasionally, so I think that means he’s making progress).
I’ll leave you with one of life’s profound mysteries – why don’t X factor contestants notice that they are singing out of tune??  Or, to misquote Morecambe and Wise – they were singing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order……



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