Knitters cast on and sailors cast off….

Now here’s a thing – I’ve never knitted and never will, having no affinity at all with anything that requires needles, whether knitting or sewing.  At school I was thrown out of the domestic science sewing class because I was so hopeless, and sent to do Latin instead.  Believe me, Latin was a doddle by comparison. But I do admire the colours and fabrics and textures of all sorts of wearable art, and love the idea of it.  A knitter called Brenda Dayne came to my studio exhibition last week and I discovered that she’s also a very skilled journalist and broadcaster.  She interviewed me and also fellow artist Linda Norris about our approach to art, to include in her series of podcasts on the theme of events and people within a 20 mile radius of her home.  Have a listen on – I don’t think it’s compulsory to be knitting whilst you listen!

I thought it was interesting that knitters cast on to begin their journey and sailors cast off.  All is connected….

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