Jigsaws, mince pies and walks on the beach

Nice things about Christmas:  Being able to have a glass of wine at lunchtime without feeling guilty.  Jigsaws and mince pies and walks on the beach.  Listening to sublime singing in a tiny church by candlelight (ancient Welsh carols sung unaccompanied by a raven haired young vicaress, but that’s another story….).  Things I don’t like about Christmas:  Too much chocolate.  Icy weather.  Feeling guilty because for the first time ever I didn’t send Christmas cards this year.  Trying to get back into work mode again afterwards.  I’m easing back into it again gently by sorting out paperwork and filing today, which always leaves me with a table full of bits of paper that don’t fit anywhere, books of raffle tickets I never got round to buying and  letters I never replied to.

The next task is to give some thought to teaching, with two new classes starting next week at Haverfordwest.  My family are working towards getting me to do some video demonstrations to put on the website.  Hey, I’m only just getting my head round keeping a blog, but I’ll give it a go.  Soon.  If we can get the technology right.  One thing I like to do in teaching is debunk the myth that talent is all.   You may have it or you may not, but without hard work and technique, you’ll get nowhere.    Talent is the cherry on the cake, but without the hard work, there’s no cake.  Quick-result talent shows on tv fascinate us because they seem to imply that it’s all about talent, and there’s no need to do the hard work.  We don’t really want to be reminded that there’s a long road to travel when we’re so focussed on the destination!

Finally…. I’m going ahead with the sketch book idea talked about many blogs ago…. here’s the revised front cover:

  A5 sketch book - with drawing tips!

A5 spiral bound sketch book – with drawing tips!  Available March

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