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New designs!

Creating designs for these cosy snoods (neck warmers) is great fun – I wear them all winter. 

Machine washable, fleecy lined, wear them around your neck or on your head, as they are or tightened with the toggle.

I only order these in small quantities so that I can experiment with different designs, so bag them quick!

£38 including postage

It looks like you are outside the UK. Please get in contact to make an order.

Penguins Fleecy Snood

Inspired by my Antarctic sketchbooks.

Blue Knotwork

This one came out of immersing myself in complex patterns for my book Anglo-Saxon Inspirations.

Sutton Hoo

Based on the design of the sword buckle at Sutton Hoo - the original is in gold and garnets!


Inspired by some sketchbook doodles from coast and countryside.

Into The Blue

I daren't count the number of blues in my paintbox, but I never tire of them!

Anglo-Saxon Inspiration

One from my study of Anglo-Saxon brooch patterns.