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Thanks and ducks

This year, I will be writing and sending Christmas cards. Last year, I didn’t send any. Last December was spent trying to sail ‘Else’ round from North Devon and then make her habitable in time for Christmas. In the middle of the trip the storm surge flooded the studio and the rest of the month continue reading »

Sands of Time

You have probably heard this analogy already, but I came across it again recently and it’s a good reminder for when life seems to get in the way of life. Take a large glass jar and fill it full of pebbles.  Is it full?  Yes of course.  Now take a handful of gravel and put continue reading »

Jigsaws, mince pies and walks on the beach

Nice things about Christmas:  Being able to have a glass of wine at lunchtime without feeling guilty.  Jigsaws and mince pies and walks on the beach.  Listening to sublime singing in a tiny church by candlelight (ancient Welsh carols sung unaccompanied by a raven haired young vicaress, but that’s another story….).  Things I don’t like continue reading »

I’ll admit it…. it’s December

I’m not very good at winters.  From September onwards I wear so many layers of clothes that getting dressed in the morning takes ages, but I’m still permanently cold.  Bracing walks after a day at the drawing board are out of the question because it’s gone dark by then – and is usually raining too.  And continue reading »