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Blunt pencils and bright colours

It’s been a busy month for running art courses and there are more to come. Next week I’ll be leading a painting holiday in the lovely Scilly Isles organised by Art Safari – I do love islands and the Scillies are a favourite. Closer to home I’ve done a few workshops and demonstrations, and having continue reading »

Watching paint dry

If you’re not into watercolours I recommend a click of the mouse now before your eyes glaze over.  For those who find sketching outdoors strangely exciting and challenging, here’s another of my colour mixing rants.  It was the last day of term today for my art classes, and it’s become a tradition to escape the classroom and spend continue reading »

In the mood for colour

  More on the watercolour theme this week as I’ve been teaching colour theory.  It may not sound that exciting, but I’m easily pleased and love the way that you can take three bright primary colours and make a colour wheel (or in this case, colour splodge…..)       and then the most clever continue reading »