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Playing with words

Children play; adults usually don’t.  At least, not in the same way.  Adults play an instrument, or tennis, but they don’t often ‘play’ like children do, to learn, to find out what happens if….., which is a shame. Children play to learn, not because they don’t have proper jobs or a hundred chores to do continue reading »

Learning, singing and a Tenby lugger

  February on Planet Claudia has good and bad qualities.  On the one hand it’s still cold enough to wear three layers plus mittens, along with the cloud of guilt permanently hovering at not having started any work on the boat yet, let alone tidying up the garden.  On the plus side, this is the month for my two day singing continue reading »

Boat shows and bowsprits

Easter weekend and the sun has been shining on West Wales.  This means only one thing for traditional boat owners and that’s sanding and varnishing, cursing the bits I didn’t get to last year which now need stripping off completely.    We try very hard not to give envious glances at the shiny modern yachts which only continue reading »