Boat shows and bowsprits

Easter weekend and the sun has been shining on West Wales.  This means only one thing for traditional boat owners and that’s sanding and varnishing, cursing the bits I didn’t get to last year which now need stripping off completely.    We try very hard not to give envious glances at the shiny modern yachts which only need a quick rub down with a j-cloth each spring.

Avast Behind!

The Dinghy Show in Ally Pally last month was great fun – we’ve never exhibited there before and  sold loads of stuff – the new jewellery range went down well and so did the new range of cartoon cards.  Hearing people chuckle when they read the captions makes up for all the days when I sit moodily at the drawing board stuck for ideas and wondering if I should go out and get a proper job.

It was good to meet so many sailing families at the show-  all the children who entered the treasure hunt were gathered on stage at the end of the day and given a copy of  ‘Go Sailing’ – whether they wanted one or not!  Anyone who thinks sailing is an exclusive sport should come along and see all the clubs and societies doing a great job at getting people, especially youngsters, trained and afloat.  All supported by the excellent RYA, of course (and I’m not just saying that because they’re my publisher….).  A big hello to all the Dinghy Cruisers out there too, a useful reminder that sailing is all things to all people and not just about whizzing round in circles as fast as possible.  Swallows and Amazons for ever….!

Sorry, getting carried away there…..  it’s true that sailing can be one of the cheapest sports around, especially if you learn the skills and then crew on other people’s boats rather than having one of your own.  Which reminds me, it looks like rain; time to bring the bowsprit in out of the garden and get some varnish on it, if I can find somewhere in the house with space for a 10′ spar – do you think our b&b guests will mind stepping over trestles to get to the breakfast table?

Must get back to the drawing board soon before I forget how to use a pencil.

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