Singing is good for you

Did I say I was going to do a blog once a week?  Perhaps I meant once a month….. it’s been a busy few weeks working towards exhibiting at the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace this coming weekend, so writing projects have been put on hold whilst gathering together as wide a range of ‘stuff’ to sell as possible.  I became totally absorbed in jewellery making; not the classy silver earrings and pendants that Phillipa is making for me to sell, but wanting to do some fun, more affordable pieces as well, I discovered the joys  of air dried clay.  This stuff is lovely to use, lightweight and good for painting on.   I now have a selection of hand painted brooches with various boat designs on (what else).  I’m easily pleased….

Though the last few weeks have been busy in the studio, I took time out to go on a three day singing workshop locally with Abbie Lathe and Maddy Prior.  Abbie is a fabulous teacher, making us shed inhibition about using our voices so thoroughly that a hilarious time was had by all.  Maddy Prior is one of my long-term icons, and her voice is better than ever.  My views on singing are the same as those on art – both natural human skills that everyone can do for fun and well being, as well as watching the experts do it well!  That’s how music used to be, before it became more about the singer than the song……  enough ranting, suffice to say that I think the world would be a better place if more people sang together.

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