samurai and cyclists

The world is full of extraordinary people.  I spent time at the drawing board today designing a world map for a round the world cyclist and a logo for…. another round the world cyclist.  Good grief, what an undertaking.  Sailing round the world sounds easy in comparison (and that’s another subject I’ve been researching, more about that another time.)  But cycling round the world – all those mountains!  They’re both independent endavours, both for good causes and I’ll give some more details when the artwork’s done and online, but I guess that the reason people do extraordinary things is the reason they always have – because it’s there, because they can, or want to see if they can. 

Moving on…. last night I put my pencil down and went off to a presentation in Fishguard by author Chris Bradford, who has written the children’s book ‘Young Samurai’ and enthralled a roomfull of cubs and scouts with demonstrations of genuine samurai swordplay, martial arts techniques and Japanese bushido philosophy.   Everyone left the evening with a signed copy of the book,  a knowledge of rudimentary Japanese and the ability to escape from a Ninja attack (useful if you live in Fishguard, of course).  The book is not surprisingly a roaring success; I haven’t read it yet, but having met Chris recognise the passion and conviction that gave him the insight and foresight to write it.    There’s a great deal in the world that’s superficial or fake, but when something comes along that’s the real deal, it tends to get recognised.  I salute all round the world cyclists, round the world sailors, samurai warriors from Brighton, and everyone else who adds to the inspirational variety of human endeavour. 

And that includes the varied and richly imaginative members of the Acorns writers’ group in Fishguard….. of which more another time.  It’s obviously been all happening in Fishguard this week!

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