Draw like you mean it…..

I didn’t make my long suffering art students draw without looking this week – I took in a series of objects for them to draw and tried to get to to look, really look hard, before committing to paper.  We were also looking at measured drawing, which means that holding your pencil at arm’s length and squinting at an object is not just an arty pose, you’re actually comparing sizes so you can get the drawing in proportion.  There’s a constant questioning going on in your head while you’re drawing

sketch book front cover
sketch book front cover

; “this part is longer than this bit, which starts about here…. this section is about a third of the size of that bit, and the width is just a bit less than the height……”, that sort of thing.  It’s surprising how easily your eyes are deceived.  If you get a chance, get hold of a book called Incredible Visual Illusions by Al Seckel, which proves how what we think we see may not be what we actually see……. if you get my drift.

What’s on the drawing board at the moment?  I decided to design a sketchbook with fun hints on how to draw.  Well, everyone needs a sketchbook, don’t they.  (yes!)  Here’s the front cover; there’s more of the same on the back…..

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