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The voyage within

Starting things is much easier than finishing them. At the beginning of lockdown I made a decision to finish some of the projects I’d begun….but then, like a child who tips the whole toy box upside down instead of playing with one toy at a time, I found more and more things I wanted to continue reading »

Where have all the teaspoons gone?

Having left such a long gap since my last blog post, I would normally now be apologising, explaining how busy I’ve been, describing my summer adventure on a trawler to France with a Celtic rock band and then generally wittering on a bit about art and what’s on the drawing board. But just for the continue reading »

Playing with words

Children play; adults usually don’t.  At least, not in the same way.  Adults play an instrument, or tennis, but they don’t often ‘play’ like children do, to learn, to find out what happens if….., which is a shame. Children play to learn, not because they don’t have proper jobs or a hundred chores to do continue reading »

What’s on top of your wardrobe?

  The snow melted, and the pace of life returned to a gallop.  Watercolour classes have begun at Haverfordwest Community Centre, with ten beginners in the morning and 13 improvers in the afternoon.  Most of those in the improvers class are returning from last year – does this mean I didn’t do a good enough job continue reading »