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Oceans and islands

It’s time for an adventure. Perhaps it’s always time for an adventure of one kind or another? The trouble is, many people live in my head – it gets very crowded in there. The bold, brave me makes plans to have a bold, brave adventure and then disappears a few days before it’s time to continue reading »

Spending time with plankton

I’m finally getting my teeth into the next  RYA book; it always takes a while to find the way in to a new subject, but once I get my brain engaged it tends to take over.  The studio is filling up with piles of books and notes and I’m starting to think about chapter headings in the shower.  But continue reading »

Sea monsters, storms and other tales….

On the drawing board at the moment is painting of Francis Drake’s Golden Hind and the beginnings of a map of the world showing Drake’s round the world mission as official pirate and Spanish loot-stealer. This is where I need some help from younger readers; I’ve started to write (and draw) a book about true continue reading »