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Oceans and islands Part three

Sea, sails and sketchbook – Rapa Nui to Falklands via Cape Horn When I was a child I had a globe. I’ve always loved maps and as we moved every few years it was good to spin the globe and see where our next home was going to be. Usually I kept it with the continue reading »

Oceans and islands

It’s time for an adventure. Perhaps it’s always time for an adventure of one kind or another? The trouble is, many people live in my head – it gets very crowded in there. The bold, brave me makes plans to have a bold, brave adventure and then disappears a few days before it’s time to continue reading »

Rolling down to Old Maui

It’s a damn tough life full of toil and strife we whalemen undergo And we don’t give a damn when the whaling’s done how hard the wind does blow For we’re homeward bound from the Arctic ground with a good ship taut and free And we won’t give a damn when we drink our rum continue reading »