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Up a creek again, paddling madly!

It took a few few weeks to adjust to life back at home. Temperatures of 6 degrees and under, gales and rain, and the challenges of small boat living in winter took a bit of getting used to after six weeks of domestic ease and balmy temperatures! Farewell Sydney… Hello gales and rain… Luckily, my continue reading »

The Sketchbook Voyage

Now my tour of duty on P&O ‘Aurora’ is at an end, I’m trying to summarise some of the watercolour and drawing techniques that I touched on during 22 sea days, most of which will be in my book on watercolours when I manage to finish it, which will be soon! I spent most of continue reading »

Rolling down to Old Maui

It’s a damn tough life full of toil and strife we whalemen undergo And we don’t give a damn when the whaling’s done how hard the wind does blow For we’re homeward bound from the Arctic ground with a good ship taut and free And we won’t give a damn when we drink our rum continue reading »