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Less faffing, more focus…

I’m a slow learner. I think I’m just getting the hang of this creative malarkey at an age when others are beginning to wind down after a long and glorious career. On my headstone, please, I want the words ‘Damn! I was just getting the hang of it!’ Sometimes storms can be as productive as continue reading »

Sands of Time

You have probably heard this analogy already, but I came across it again recently and it’s a good reminder for when life seems to get in the way of life. Take a large glass jar and fill it full of pebbles.  Is it full?  Yes of course.  Now take a handful of gravel and put continue reading »

Illustrator without portfolio

Normal people decide they want to do for a living.  They then go and find out how to do it, do some training, go for interviews or pitch for work, and then spend their productive years putting it all into practice.  And, ideally, getting paid for it.  It’s entirely logical, but I’ve never quite managed continue reading »