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Updates and inspirations

Good morning all, from a misty morning on the River Deben where I am sitting up in bed, drinking tea and have told myself to stop faffing around and get this blog post finished. Trouble is, the longer I leave it, the more stuff happens and then I don’t know where to start. So first continue reading »

Memories of blue sky days

I’m gradually getting used to being back in the studio every day, but I’m not very good at winters; I’d have liked that summer heat to go on for ever. When I was young and lived in Singapore, it did, and I remember as a child my family stoically sweating over their Christmas puddings in continue reading »

Chocolate and Spanish galleons…..

Right, so how many of you have discovered the deliberate mistake in the write up about my 2009 year planner? Only one person so far, unless everyone else is just being too polite to point out that there aren’t “wider columns in the summer months for all your sailing plans”. Yes, all the columns are continue reading »