Memories of blue sky days

I’m gradually getting used to being back in the studio every day, but I’m not very good at winters; I’d have liked that summer heat to go on for ever. When I was young and lived in Singapore, it did, and I remember as a child my family stoically sweating over their Christmas puddings in temperatures of 30 degrees. So perhaps I should be grateful for the way the river changes in the autumn, with morning mists rising over the mudbanks as I walk down the sea wall for my morning shower.

Reluctantly wrenching my brain onto winter plans, I’ve started one of my regular pre-winter tasks, designing next year’s planner. Usually by the end of October people start asking for it so here it is – see, I’ve made a start:

year planner in progress

The blue patch is the usual space for notes and numbers….and the other painting on top is a bit of multi-tasking. The success of watercolours depends on letting each layer of paint dry properly before adding more, so while the patch of blue was drying, I played around with another idea from my sketch book – creative doodling. Sometimes these ‘inbetween’ paintings turn into something, sometimes they don’t, but it’s good use of time!

river light

Liquid inspiration.. the view outside my studio window

2 thoughts on “Memories of blue sky days”

  1. John Laband says:

    Let’s all follow the sun and the migrating birds and go south for the winter. Lovely picture, esp if you like grey.

  2. Kay Holt says:

    Very much enjoyed the demonstration at the Felixstowe Art Group last night extremely inspiring many thanks

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