Carrot juice and castaways

The week between Christmas and New Year is a strange time.  You don’t know whether you should be still over-indulging in food and drink and wrestling with the unfinished jigsaw (fiendish – lots of boats in a marina) or whether you should be back on the green tea and perched at the drawing board by 8am every day.  In our house we have a gentle kind of compromise – work head back on, lists of things to do being made, but still enjoying the festive goodies, which is why I am writing about pirates’ ultimate punishment – marooning – whilst enjoying a large glass of white wine and dipping into the dwindling supply of chocolates.  When they’re gone, they’re gone….

A great healthy tonic to boost the immune system and compensate for the onslaught of chocolate – carrot and apple juice, with a chunk of root ginger and lump of betroot.  Sounds awful, tastes fantastic!  I think my juicer is about to expire; it starts off happily enough as I shove in the carrots and chopped apples, but halfway through it starts to vibrate and make alarming noises.  I need to wrestle with it to stop it leaping off the edge of the worktop and by the time it’s done, the kitchen is spattered with vegetable pulp.  Two minutes to drink the juice, ten minutes to clean the juicer and kitchen.  That’s life!

1 thought on “Carrot juice and castaways”

  1. James says:

    Hello, I enjoyed the carrot and apple juice, maybe you should make it more often.

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