Boat show time again

I used to think that being an author was very glamorous, involving signing books for a queue of adoring fans.  For most of us, of course, it’s not quite like that.  You can forget the queues of adoring fans, for a start.  If you’re very lucky,  you look up from reading this month’s Practical Boat Owner to find a nine your old gazing intently at you from in front of your table.  “Read these already”, she announces and moves on.  No, the delight of book signing at the London Boat Show is the chance to chat to the other authors (proper ones like Sam Llewellyn and Tom Cunliffe) and enjoy a first class gin and tonic just at the time of day when spirits are beginning to flag.  Then there’s time to stroll around the show catching up with old friends and filling up on lukewarm fizzy wine drunk out of plastic cups.  Nothing like it….. anyway,  I’ll be on the Kelvin Hughes stand at Excel during the first weekend of the boat show if you’re passing that way, so come and say hello.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my regular PBO cartoon for the  Dave Selby column which is always hilarious.  This time I’m trying to think of a funny connection between tea drinking and small boat rallies…… storm in a teacup perhaps?  Or more typhoo that typhoon……. you’ll have to buy the next issue (or is the one after next?) to find out.

My son tells me I should be including images in this blog not just words, so I’ll try and do better next time.

2 thoughts on “Boat show time again”

  1. Hello mum,
    are you going to add another post some time soon…?

  2. Jacqui says:

    Tea, darjeeling? I’ll Assam.

    I tried sending you this a couple of days ago, and my computer crashed! I see James has failed to keep you at it.

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