Sketches and distractions

Night sail - one of the new small prints. Simple but effective!

A slap on the wrist for taking so long to post an update.  One excuse is that I’ve been sidetracked by the blog’s more frivolous cousin, facebook; sketches that should have been put on here have been diverted to brighten up my facebook page.  It’s been a busy few weeks at the drawing board – the design for next year’s planner is ready and at the printers (yes, I know it’s only July, but we have to think ahead), the long thin paintings that featured a few posts back are now available as unframed prints (I’ve been reminded to mention where to buy the print – it’s at and I’m onto the second of two new teatowel designs to be ready for the Southampton Boat Show.  There have also been some enjoyable outdoor sketching sessions recently, including a final session with my art group here in Llawhaden, sketching the castle in the last of the hot days before the weather reverted to type.

The sailing story book is not forgotten – I’ve been sneaking a bit of time each week to work on a few of the stories and their illustrations, so more on that later.  I just have to keep reminding myself  it’s not necessarily the people with most time on their hands who get books written!

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