Butterfly brain

Whilst I complain about the complexity of life and how many directions it pulls, I do have the kind of brain that thrives on working on several projects at once.  Some might say I have the attention span of a three year old, but this is a useful asset when working in watercolour as it means that you can lay a wash, put it to one side to dry, pull out another one and slap some colour on that, start something new, wander off to check emails whilst that’s drying, go and make a cup of tea, try to avoid having a biscuit, fail, have two biscuits, wander back into the studio, think of another idea for a painting, splash some more paint on the first painting…….  and I am still trying (but mainly failing) to put some time aside each day for the sea stories book which involves regular excursions into the internet – butterfly brain heaven.  One day I’ll achieve something, if I live long enough!

Work in progress - Restortion Project
Work in progress - Restoration Project
The Circumnavigators
The Circumnavigators

 How about this for a table mat design?  I haven’t found anywhere that prints round mats yet, but I’m looking.  It shows the history of round the world sailors starting with Slocum…. told you I had a strange brain.

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