Dolphins and rocky places

Last week drawing board, keyboard and ironing board were all abandoned in favour of bouncing around the Bristol Channel in a small boat.  Very pleasant it was too as the weather was settled enough to let us get to Lundy, on a sparkling clear day with not quite enough wind for perfection but we were grateful to the Azores High for letting us get out of the river.   We saw not one other boat on the 40 mile passage, but were accompanied by more dolphins than we’ve ever known, group after group leaping round our bows. 

Bristol Channel dolphins
Bristol Channel dolphins
Lundy is well worth a visit – sheer cliffs, wildlife and a history of smugglers, wrecks and pirates, but now in the safer hands of the National Trust.  The lively pub has a discreet notice asking that no mobile phones, laptops or any electronic device be used on the premises – a good place to go for peace and quiet, in spite of the boatful of tourists landing each day.

Torhilda at Lundy
Torhilda at Lundy

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