Small boat on a big river

I meant to say, before I too hastily posted the last blog post, that Beaulieu boat jumble was about more than ‘stuff’, it was about people too.  I was introduced to Giacomo de Stefano, a quietly spoken Italian with a small boat and a mission to sail and row across Europe to the Black Sea.  His passion, and his message, is care for the water and the world we live on and I’m sure he’ll attract support and friendship along the way.  Sometimes it’s the quietest people who do the most extraordinary things, which is rather refreshing in a world where hype is all.  Here’s the link to Giacomo’s website, anyway, make of it what you will!

His boat is called ‘Clodia’ by the way – a good name, say I.  Shame about the spelling!

1 thought on “Small boat on a big river”

  1. giacomo says:

    Thank you Claudia for your beautiful words and wishes.
    I really hope to have you aboard soon!!
    A big hug

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