Staying afloat

There are only two things that stress a freelancer: one – having lots of work; two – not having lots of work. Luckily I’ve been under the first kind of stress recently, which is better than the second because you can afford more wine. Now I’m gradually catching up, and had time today to play around with a painting of Felixstowe Ferry harbourmaster’s hut… yes, it really is that wobbly. Almost. It started with a pen and ink drawing, then when the ink was dry I wet the paper and put some colour on in a fairly random way…..

felixstowe ferry1

Next stage…. go and do something else whilst it’s drying……

felixstowe ferry2

Then more layers of paint are added, leaving to dry between layers. Being a little more exact about where the colours go on now, but the previous layers still show through, which adds variety and depth, hopefully….

felixstowe ferry3

Getting there……

felixstowe ferry


Sailing and sketching The best news this month is that I’ve been invited to tutor an art cruise run by Classic Sailing of Falmouth on the beautiful ‘Eve of St Mawes’. I can’t think of anything I’d like better; ‘Eve’ is a boat I’ve long admired so I had to think long and hard – at least a nano-second – before accepting the offer. The cruise runs from 1st – 4th July, beginning and ending in Falmouth. It’s open to all, experienced or inexperienced, and I especially want to encourage those who’ve always wanted to have a go at sketching but who don’t necessarily consider themselves ‘artists’. Now’s your chance to keep your own visual diary (or ship’s log!), with lots of help and encouragement, whilst sailing a beautiful boat in amazing surroundings. There are currently spaces available, so hop over to for all the booking details.


yearplanner design low res

Whether you prefer to do your sketching afloat or on dry land – stay inspired and never give up!

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