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Latitudes and attitudes

It’s been a good year for meeting varied and intrepid sailors. You could reasonably point out that actually everyone who sails is more fearless than I, who can make an ordeal out of sailing up a creek, but I was in the right place at the right time last week to hear Roger Taylor talk continue reading »

Sailing on the sofa

If you had to divide sailing types into two, you’d probably say there are those who race and those who cruise.  I fall firmly into the second category, having never been able to see the point of going afloat to get stressed and sail round in circles shouting a lot, just to end up at continue reading »

Old boats and new books – and a pirate or two

Who stole August?  I’ve done so well posting at least a blog a month, and somehow this year it was July one minute and September the next.  Various domestic dramas and setbacks have intervened this summer, it’s true, but with each year that passes why do the days go faster with more stuff in them? continue reading »

Literary boats and salty books

I was curled up in a sleeping bag with the light from paraffin lamps casting a warm glow on the varnished woodwork of the cabin.  The shelves were stuffed with sailing gear and books; on the cabin table a bottle of wine, the ship’s log book and a scribbled note from the skipper: “Help yourself continue reading »

Wobbling on water

Everything wobbles when you stand on a windsurfer for the first time.  The board wobbles, the sail wobbles, the water wobbles and so I wobbled. Balancing on a plastic plank is a novel sensation to someone more used to being on the water in hefty wooden boats.  By the third lesson I was getting the continue reading »