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Haarlem shuffle

I’m back in Suffolk, but I had to leave my home in Holland. Repairs to Else‘s gearbox are under way, but it is not going to be a fast fix – the gearbox has been craned out of the boat and sent away for a rebuild. Before that could happen, we were towed from Haarlem continue reading »

Drawing at the edge of the world

This month brings more pilot cutter sailing and a few arty notes on the usefulness of horizon lines…..   My idea of a perfect moment is sitting on a traditional boat, preferably in the sunshine, with a glass of wine in one hand and a pencil in the other. My idea of a perfect job continue reading »

Sailing plus…

There’s something about pilot cutters. They earned their keep by being fast, seaworthy and powerful enough to beat against wind and tide in the days when pilotage was a competitive business – first out to the ship got the job. They are used now for more gentle pursuits – sail training, charter, and in recent continue reading »

Hot showers and food for the soul

After several weeks of attention from men in overalls the good ship Else is back in her mud berth. Quality of life afloat depends primarily on knowing that your ship will not sink under you and anything else is a bonus, but the greatest of these, after heating, is working plumbing. I emerged from my continue reading »

Creeks and creativity

I haven’t disappeared, just been lazy about blogging. It’s far easier to sit and read other people’s posts over my lunchtime mug of soup than try and think of something witty and intelligent to say myself. Sailing adventures may be over for the year but I still can’t decide whether to post as an illustrator, continue reading »