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Impossible is a state of mind….

Southampton boat show is over – yes, it was exhausting, but that was balanced by the pleasure of seeing so many familiar faces and meeting plenty of new people.  Thanks especially to the staff of Kelvin Hughes, stockists of every book about the sea that ever was or is…. great books and great company.  I’m just continue reading »

Beale Appeal

Busy in the studio this week getting everything together for the delightful Beale Park Boat Show.  Set by a lake near Pangbourne, the show is the best way to mix business and pleasure, meeting up with other exhibitors and friends, sharing a glass or two over a barbecue in the evening, and sailing an assortment of continue reading »

Boat show time again

I used to think that being an author was very glamorous, involving signing books for a queue of adoring fans.  For most of us, of course, it’s not quite like that.  You can forget the queues of adoring fans, for a start.  If you’re very lucky,  you look up from reading this month’s Practical Boat continue reading »