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From muddy puddles to moules frites….

This month I have spent too much time stepping in puddles in the dark, fetching water from the boatyard tap in the rain, fretting over wet and rusty bilges, and carrying bags of coal down slippery gangplanks without dropping them (or me) in the mud. I have learnt that whilst having a sinking boat would continue reading »

Creeks and creativity

I haven’t disappeared, just been lazy about blogging. It’s far easier to sit and read other people’s posts over my lunchtime mug of soup than try and think of something witty and intelligent to say myself. Sailing adventures may be over for the year but I still can’t decide whether to post as an illustrator, continue reading »

Sketching at sea – wobbly waves and sharp pencils

One of the best things about sailing in company with other boats – apart from the parties, of course –  is the opportunity to photograph and sketch them close up. Sketching from a small sailing boat can be frustrating, not just because you are rolling around too much to draw, or getting in the helmsman’s continue reading »

Low pressure? No pressure…

It’s hard not to take weather personally.  I know it’s pure coincidence that June’s hot spell lasted long enough to get ‘Torhilda’ painted, varnished and slipped gently back into the wet stuff at Llanion boatyard.  She had just settled prettily on her new mooring when the first low pressure system of the summer revved up continue reading »