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Book banquet

If a good book is a nourishing meal, then a blog post is a snack. There is no need to go for the bad ones which are like boiled sweets – bright glossy colours but brittle and with no substance – as there are so many good ones to dip into. One of my favourite continue reading »

Mud, glorious mud

I have spent the last week or so moving all my worldly goods from my winter quarters ashore to my summer residence – an elderly but charming houseboat  in the middle of Woodbridge. I will be the boat’s caretaker for the summer, kicking the bilge pump if the river threatens to get the wrong side continue reading »

History is ship-shaped

I did it;  said goodbye to the river, to damp duvets and the curlew’s cry.  I moved off the boat and into a small flat so I am now in winter mode, turning inwards and facing every creative’s dilemma – the pull of what you feel inspired to do versus the pull of what you continue reading »

Deadlines and delight

   Two things make an illustrator stressed:   a)  Having deadlines.   b)  Not having deadlines.   Last year I was suffering  from the first type.  So far this year the second version is looming.  I’ve plenty of work to get on with, including a revision of the Log Book for Children which is nearly out of print, continue reading »

Books, Baldrick and banter

My favourite Blackadder episode is the one where Samuel Johnson tries to get royal patronage for the first English Dictionary.  When told that the book has taken Dr Johnson ten years Prince George replies, “Yes, well, I’m a slow reader myself.”  Those of you familiar with the rest of the episode will understand why in continue reading »