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Too much planning, not enough pencil time…

I’ve left it too long since the last blog post, not because of lack of things to say, but because there’s been a lot going on…. here’s a potted update: I now have a spacious new studio on the banks of the lovely River Deben in Suffolk; sharing shed space with Waldringfield Boatyard  – as continue reading »

If in doubt, add cushions

Sailing involves many skills, some obvious, some less so. Even landlubbers will know that being around boats involves some or all of the following: – pulling on ropes –  getting from A to B without going aground at C –  steering a straight course for hours on end clutching a mug of lukewarm tea, being continue reading »

A bad day for Columbus

Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, was pretty impressive.  He had tenacity, the gift of the gab, the ability to lead, and an unshakeable belief that Asia lay on the other side of the Atlantic.  It wasn’t his fault that there was a large continent and an even larger ocean in the way; Columbus was quite continue reading »