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Creative cabin fever

I wonder how we would have coped with quarantine without the internet and all the clever collaborative ways we are able to use it. It’s almost as if all the computer scientists and software engineers were subconsciously working towards this point in our history when we needed to stop dashing around and be on our continue reading »

Drawing at the edge of the world

This month brings more pilot cutter sailing and a few arty notes on the usefulness of horizon lines…..   My idea of a perfect moment is sitting on a traditional boat, preferably in the sunshine, with a glass of wine in one hand and a pencil in the other. My idea of a perfect job continue reading »

It all depends on your point of view…

I learn more from teaching than my students do; there’s nothing to focus the mind quite like having to explain something clearly, to show how to do it and analyse why it’s going wrong for someone else. Drawing, I tell them, is just thinking with a pencil. Don’t blame your hand for your mistakes, blame continue reading »

Kittiwakes on Dinas Head

Perspective in art is a glorious illusion, something I’ve been using haphazardly for years in my paintings in a ‘hoping for the best’ kind of way.  But the great thing about teaching something is that you have to learn about it first, so over the last few months I’ve been paying more attention.  Perspective in continue reading »