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Boats and bafflement

Do you ever get stuck for ideas? I was asked the other day. Well, no, not often. Not because I’m in a state of permanent inspiration (I’m usually in a state of bewildered panic at how each day slips through my fingers so fast), but because most of my time in the studio is spent continue reading »

Boat shows and bean bags

More years ago than I care to admit, my flatmates and I discovered sailing.  Being young and impoverished we shared the cost of charter holidays in the West Country, happily ignorant of the fact that a seven berth yacht is not really designed for seven people. We chartered out of season when prices were low, continue reading »

A bad day for Columbus

Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, was pretty impressive.  He had tenacity, the gift of the gab, the ability to lead, and an unshakeable belief that Asia lay on the other side of the Atlantic.  It wasn’t his fault that there was a large continent and an even larger ocean in the way; Columbus was quite continue reading »