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Listing slightly….

If I was being professionally employed to run my life, I think I would have had the sack by now.  My days are littered with ideas unexplored, paperwork unfinished, friends neglected, emails unwritten, exercise not taken, songs, paintings, stories and articles half finished, empty sketch book pages, unmaintained boats and reproachful bank account. Is it continue reading »

The week between worlds

As a fan of C S Lewis’ Narnia books, I loved the idea of the Wood between the Worlds; a silent place full of large round puddles. Each puddle was the gateway to a different reality, but you didn’t know where it would take you until you took a deep breath and jumped in. The continue reading »

If in doubt, make tea…

Oh, well done Ben Ainslie.  Small boat racing is something I admire but would never, ever, want to do. For a start, it’s fast, wet and stressful and I like my boats slow, dry and relaxing.  Then, there’s the ‘winning’ thing – I’ve tried racing once or twice at club level but really can’t find continue reading »

If in doubt, add cushions

Sailing involves many skills, some obvious, some less so. Even landlubbers will know that being around boats involves some or all of the following: – pulling on ropes –  getting from A to B without going aground at C –  steering a straight course for hours on end clutching a mug of lukewarm tea, being continue reading »

Back to the drawing board (again)

Im hoping that the latest flurry of sketchbook scribbles will evolve into more jewellery designs, once I’ve met up with Phillipa and looked at how to translate them into solid metal.  I can only think in 2D!  See what you think – if you can make sense of these doodles, imagine them in silver, brass or continue reading »