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Memories of blue sky days

I’m gradually getting used to being back in the studio every day, but I’m not very good at winters; I’d have liked that summer heat to go on for ever. When I was young and lived in Singapore, it did, and I remember as a child my family stoically sweating over their Christmas puddings in continue reading »

The spiders in my studio dread the end of November.  My annual exhibition is a good opportunity to have a clear out, dislodge the cobwebs and take a fresh look at all the paintings hanging on the wall.  It’s also a good excuse for a party and if visitors buy something that’s a bonus!  It was continue reading »

Butterfly brain

Whilst I complain about the complexity of life and how many directions it pulls, I do have the kind of brain that thrives on working on several projects at once.  Some might say I have the attention span of a three year old, but this is a useful asset when working in watercolour as it continue reading »