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The Water is Wide

We’re finally home. Eight weeks after leaving Else in Nauerna I was heading back to Holland on the night ferry. The repairs were finished, the weather fair and I had an experienced and willing crew in Dutchman Fred Schotman who had offered to help me home. Steffan van Hattum at Jacht Service Haarlem did a continue reading »

Mud, glorious mud

I have spent the last week or so moving all my worldly goods from my winter quarters ashore to my summer residence – an elderly but charming houseboat  in the middle of Woodbridge. I will be the boat’s caretaker for the summer, kicking the bilge pump if the river threatens to get the wrong side continue reading »

Too much planning, not enough pencil time…

I’ve left it too long since the last blog post, not because of lack of things to say, but because there’s been a lot going on…. here’s a potted update: I now have a spacious new studio on the banks of the lovely River Deben in Suffolk; sharing shed space with Waldringfield Boatyard  – as continue reading »

Keep off the mud

Sound advice for both east coast sailors and watercolour artists, ‘Keep off the mud’ was the title of a talk I did at Woodbridge Art Club earlier this week. It seems to be my year for burbling at an unsuspecting audience. This time the subject was colour mixing, and I know I’ve covered it before continue reading »

Less faffing, more focus…

I’m a slow learner. I think I’m just getting the hang of this creative malarkey at an age when others are beginning to wind down after a long and glorious career. On my headstone, please, I want the words ‘Damn! I was just getting the hang of it!’ Sometimes storms can be as productive as continue reading »