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If in doubt, make tea…

Oh, well done Ben Ainslie.  Small boat racing is something I admire but would never, ever, want to do. For a start, it’s fast, wet and stressful and I like my boats slow, dry and relaxing.  Then, there’s the ‘winning’ thing – I’ve tried racing once or twice at club level but really can’t find continue reading »

Books, boats and plastic bags

Now I feel silly. Burbling on in my last blog post about how much I was looking forward to some fizz at my book launch and actually there wasn’t any. Steen (RYA publishing whizz) must have seen the look on my face when he said there would be no bubbly, as he very reasonably pointed continue reading »

Illustrator without portfolio

Normal people decide they want to do for a living.  They then go and find out how to do it, do some training, go for interviews or pitch for work, and then spend their productive years putting it all into practice.  And, ideally, getting paid for it.  It’s entirely logical, but I’ve never quite managed continue reading »

Low pressure? No pressure…

It’s hard not to take weather personally.  I know it’s pure coincidence that June’s hot spell lasted long enough to get ‘Torhilda’ painted, varnished and slipped gently back into the wet stuff at Llanion boatyard.  She had just settled prettily on her new mooring when the first low pressure system of the summer revved up continue reading »

Dancing in the rain

‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain’. Many blogs ago I mentioned our friend Ken Roberts who was setting off on a solo round the world cycle ride.  We’re still following Ken’s progress on and his blogs are becoming more perceptive and fascinating all continue reading »