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Keep off the mud

Sound advice for both east coast sailors and watercolour artists, ‘Keep off the mud’ was the title of a talk I did at Woodbridge Art Club earlier this week. It seems to be my year for burbling at an unsuspecting audience. This time the subject was colour mixing, and I know I’ve covered it before continue reading »

Ketches and sketches

When I was invited to give a talk at the London Boat Show on marine art, I faced the challenge of making a half hour slot as useful as possible. What I came up with is my ten tips for sketching boats, which I promised the audience (delightfully attentive and well behaved!) that I would continue reading »

Bowlines before breakfast

My conversation with the signalman who answered the phone from the railway crossing was surreal – but it was late at night and he was probably bored. Me: Is it clear to take a car across? Him: Are there any animals involved? Me: That’s no way to talk about my friends! Him: Aren’t you the continue reading »

Beginnings, middles and – if I’m lucky – endings

My studio table is a map of what’s going on in my head.  Sometimes it’s tidy; mostly it isn’t.  At the moment it’s full of half finished projects. There’s jewellery making  stuff still laid out (lots of ideas, must get down to it when I get a free day).  There’s a possible design for a continue reading »

Endings, beginnings and the messy bit in the middle

I used to imagine that finishing a book meant typing the final full stop, leaning back in the chair with a sigh of satisfaction, walking to the post box with a large envelope and a spring in your step, pouring oneself a congratulatory drink then nipping out to buy something tasty to wear for the launch party.    Hmmm, not quite.  Well, not continue reading »