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Bilgewater and bright ideas

  ‘Else’ on the quay at Waldringfield…. one of the nicest spots on the river If you’re a worrying sort of person, I recommend a life afloat; it gives you so many more things to fret about, especially on an old boat. A clonking noise on the hull in the middle of the night – continue reading »

The Water is Wide

We’re finally home. Eight weeks after leaving Else in Nauerna I was heading back to Holland on the night ferry. The repairs were finished, the weather fair and I had an experienced and willing crew in Dutchman Fred Schotman who had offered to help me home. Steffan van Hattum at Jacht Service Haarlem did a continue reading »

Worse things happen on shore

This month I have been voyaging in my slippers, had a storm surge in my studio,and discovered how fascinated most men are by large engines. I have earned little and spent a lot, valued the support of friends, danced in pubs and spilt lentil soup all over my laptop. At some stage soon I ought continue reading »